Volume 24.2

ARTICLES Salvaging “Safe Spaces”: Toward Model Standards for LGBTQ Youth-Serving Professionals Encountering Law Enforcement  Brendan M. Conner Esq.   The Overrepresentation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Questioning, Gender Nonconforming and Transgender Youth Within the Child Welfare to Juvenile Justice Crossover Population  Angela Irvine Ph.D. Aisha Canfield M.P.P   Fashioning Children: Gender Restrictive Dress Codes as an […]

Volume 24.1

ARTICLES At Long Last Marriage Jack B. Harrison The Collapse of the House that Ruth Built: The Impact of the Feeder System on Female Judges and the Federal Judiciary, 1970-2014 Alexandra G. Hess Disparate Impact and Pregnancy: Title VII’s Other Accommodation Requirement Camille Hébert Intellectual Property and Gender: Reflections on Accomplishments and Methodology Kara W. […]