How Progressives in Law Talk to America

By Reuben Guttman and Paul Zwier[1]   “Originalism is a pretext to justify an ultraconservative agenda.”[2]“Textualism is pretext to discount context.” “The appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is a step toward the demise of the administrative state.” We are progressives, and these are lines that we have picked up from like-minded […]

The Whistleblowers in the White House

By Reuben Guttman[1] I practice law. My clients have been called sneaks and snitches. I just call them “whistleblowers.” If they sue a culprit who has defrauded the government under the False Claims Act against, I might also call them “relators.”[2] I try to explain to people that the term whistleblower is quintessentially American. It […]