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Call for Papers

American University’s Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law In Connection with the Fourth National People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference

Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to submit articles for possible publication in the American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law. The Journal is interested in reviewing articles focused on timely and important legal issues relating to the theme of the Conference: People of Color and the Future of Democracy. As one of the top-cited legal periodicals in the U.S. and selected non-U.S. regions in the subject areas of social policy, gender, sexuality, and the law, the Journal is deeply committed to publishing high-quality pieces that explore a wide range of legal issues.


The Journal will consider articles that propose a new argument or perspective on a timely legal issue relating to the theme of the Conference. To fulfill its interdisciplinary mission, the Journal will accept articles authored by legal, policy, and gender scholars. Articles selected for publication in the Journal must include an analysis of U.S. law. All contributions are required to conform to the author policies available at


The theme of the Fourth National People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference will be People of Color and the Future of Democracy. The Conference will explore how we, as people of color and allies, preserve and safeguard democracy in our teaching and scholarship, particularly with respect to marginalized communities. The theme of the Conference is intentionally expansive in order encompass differing critical conversations including: the role of lawyers and law professors; intersectionality, inclusion, and action; and whether and how to reframe and reclaim particular narratives. More information about the Conference is available at

Deadlines for Submission:

Contributions for this special edition must be submitted by Monday, March 25, 2019. All submissions must include the article, a resume/CV, and contact information for the author(s).


You may direct questions and final submissions to the Journal Senior Articles Editors, Alicia Martinez and Taylor Sweet ([email protected]).

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American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law

The American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law, founded in 1992, provides a forum for those interested in gender issues and feminist legal studies. In 1998, the Journal expanded its mission to include social policy as well as gender issues. Our current approach reflects our intent to fill a void in legal scholarship by providing an opportunity for academic discussion that is otherwise overlooked by traditional journals. By focusing on gender and social policy issues, we are committed to creating a dialogue among disparate social, economic, and gender groups in order to find our common humanity under the law.

The Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law is published by students at American University, Washington College of Law. Prior to volume seven, the Journal was known as the American University Journal of Gender & the Law. In 1998, the Journal changed its name in an effort to reflect the more expansive range of topics published in the Journal.

As always, the Journal remains dedicated to exploring gender and social issues in the law, providing a forum where those of all views can engage in rewarding and challenging discourse and debate.

The Washington & Lee University School of Law ranks the Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law as the most cited legal periodical in the United States and selected non-U.S. regions in the topical area of gender, social policy and the law.

Additionally, the Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law has been ranked as one of the top subject-specific law reviews in the “2006 ExpressO Law Review Submission Guide.”

Please submit any request to publish with our journal to [email protected] for further review.