Peru’s Human Rights Setbacks

By: Zuleika Rivera With the passing of Edith Windsor one cannot help but think about the LGTBQI movement in the United States and how much progress was made in the last few years.[1] Strategic litigation was crucial in the passage of progressive laws including the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges[2], but we must […]

Blog Post 44: Reforming Sexual Violence Laws to Reflect Changing Social Norms: Agreeing on How the MPC Should Define Rape

By: Anupama Selvam Two weeks ago, members of the American Law Institute (ALI) convened a meeting to discuss proposed reforms of Article 213 of the Model Penal Code in an effort to adopt the code to shifts in social norms surrounding sexual violence. Recently, shifts in social norms around sexual violence have facilitated meaningful discussions […]