Volume 27, Symposium Edition

The following articles were published in the symposium edition of The American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law. For subscription information, please check out our Subscription page.


Letter from the Editor
David McGee

Jamie Raskin

Stephen Wermiel

There Isn’t Any Dumpster
Jill Imgrund Engle

Mitigating the “LGBT Disconnect”: Title IX’s Protections of Transgender Students, Birth Certificate Correction Statutes, and the Transformative Potential of Connecting the Two
Kyle C. Velte

Class in the Classroom: Poverty, Policies, and Practices Impeding Education
Chris Chambers Goodman

Forgotten Children: Rethinking the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Behavior Provisions
Margaret A. Dalton

A Watershed Moment in the Education of American Indians: A Judicial Strategy to Mandate the State of New Mexico to Meet the Unique Cultural and Linguistic Needs of American Indians in New Mexico Public Schools
Preston Sanchez & Rebecca Blum Martinez

God is a Woman: Feminism as a Religion Protected under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment
Lalita Moskowitz